Philosophy of religion

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Religious belief and philosophical thought
New York 1963. 626 S.
Perceiving god
Ithaca (N.Y.) 1993. 320 S.
Studies in religious philosophy and mysticism
London 1969. 308 S.
A modern reader in the philosophy of religion
Des Moines (Iowa) 1966. 563 S.
Religion and the challenge of philosophy
Totowa (N.J.) 1975. 312 S.
An introduction to the philosophy of religion
New York 1951. 608 S.
The problem of religious knowledge
Englewood Cliffs (N.J.) 1963. 175 S.
The study of nature and the vision of god
Toronto (Ont.) 1907. 358 S.
Man on his own. Essays in the philosophy of religion
New York 1970. 240 S.
Philosophy of religion
New Haven (Conn.) 1962. 187 S.


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