Artificial intelligence

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Mind matters. Exploring the world of artificial intelligence
New York 1998. 381 S.
Symbols, computation, and intentionality. A critique of the computational theory of mind
Berkeley (Calif.) 1996. 427 S.
Human and machine thinking
Hillsdale (N.J.) 1993. 189 S.
The philosophical programmer
New York 1998. 234 S.
Mind´s bodies
Albany (N.Y.) 1995. 162 S.
The convergence of machine and human nature
Aldershot (Hampshire) 1995. 147 S.
A metaphysics of the computer
San Francisco (Calif.) 1992. 372 S.
The dreams of reason
New York 1988. 352 S.
The emperor´s new mind. Concerning computers, minds, and the laws of physics
Harmondsworth (Middlesex) 1991. 466 S.
Thinking machines. The evolution of artificial intelligence
Oxford 1987. 254 S.


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